I'm a luthier who used to have a 'real job' as a designer and prototyping engineer. I made my first bass in 1987 and have built and modified them ever since.

The main thing is I've always played what I made. In fact I've only ever made money playing an instrument that's been at least in part, built by me. Making musical instruments is hugely rewarding - especially when it involves a little more input than using a measuring tape on whatever you're going to copy. Nothing much would exist in a vacuum but I like to try and do better than the instruments I see in the shops and on the stage.

I began making these instruments simply because I couldn't find what I wanted, but now I'm pretty sure there are other people looking for something they just can't find.

My education in luthierie began with my first guitar (age 10!), followed at 16 by my first electric then my first bass. I modded and customised them all and by the age of 18 was building from scratch. I followed this with violin making lessons at college from none other than Mr Peter Ratcliffe, a luthier of some repute. Before and since then I've mainly worked in prototyping and industrial design, so I'm well placed to make one-offs and specials as well as figuring better ways to acheive a high quality, high performance product.

If there's something particular you want and you don't know who to ask, try me.